The RED UI Core is comprised of various CSS and Javascript libraries. All of the global styles and variables from the Design section are included by default. A common set of user-interface components is also included along with utilities for handling DOM manipulation, client-side rendering, etc.

Responsive Grid

Create powerful multi-device layouts quickly and easily with the default 12-column, nest-able grid. Code for small screens first, and larger devices will inherit those styles. Customize for larger screens as necessary.

Start by adding an element with a class of row. This will create a horizontal block to contain vertical columns. Then add divs with a column class within that row. You can use column or columns - the only difference is grammar. Specify the widths of each column with the small-#, medium-#, and large-# classes.


Rendered HTML
2 3 4
4 6 4
6 3 4
4 4
4 6
4 2


Various styles for Anchor and Button elements.

Anchor Element

%a.button Anchor Element

%button.button Button Element

Button Sizing


Button Colors


Button Shapes